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The Kindness Rocks Project™ Educational Curriculum

Includes 30 min Skype Session with The Kindness Rocks Project founder Megan Murphy

The Kindness Rocks Project™ curriculum module. We believe that the earlier that you begin building understanding empathy and kindness in children the sooner the world will have understanding empathetic and kinder human beings that care for one another. This educational module can help build the foundation of early social-emotional learning for children. 
You will find the curriculum module, additional resources and family sheets to assist you in implementing the activities. Included in the curriculum packet are a list of vocabulary words, suggested books, photos to use as prompts, links to videos to reinforce the curriculum, additional resource links, and family engagement activity sheets. 
The curriculum module has been tested and approved by teachers in a Public Preschool Integrated classroom, a Head Start Preschool Classroom, and in Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade classrooms. Adaptations and inclusionary practices are recommended for students as needed. Some teachers may choose to extend the activities over several days and give families the weekend to participate in the family engagement activities. 

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