Name: Brooke

How Did You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project? I have seen painted rocks all over my town of Sequim, Washington and heard something that if you find a rock, take it and then place it somewhere else. Not sure if that's really the object, though. So, I ultimately found out about Kindness Rocks by Google.

Where Did You Find a Rock? Randomly Placed

Where? (Location) Point Wilson Lighthouse, Port Townsend, Washington

What inspired you to contact/join TKRP? I thought it was such a cool thing to find a cute rock when I was just waiting for my friend to use the restroom. I looked down and there it was. I felt like it was meant for me to see it...and thought it would be cool to try and track it through Kindness Rocks.

What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock? I was elated to find the rock, because I really didn't expect to find it at that moment.

What did the rock have written on it? (You can attach pictures below) The only writing was "KR on FB"

Any other thoughts, emotions comments, stories… I had heard something about people placing painted rocks in random places, but couldn't remember if you're supposed to leave them or take them and place them elsewhere (like Geocaching). I ultimately took the rock with the intention of placing it somewhere else, but I tried looking up the 'KR on FB' to track the rock, without success. After this encounter, I had the most amazing day. I was out with my best friend, showing her the sights of the area of which I've lived for 7 years, because she just moved here last week. After finding the rock, we went to a popular restaurant, which I had actually never tried before. It is a restaurant on the airport. We ended up meeting Jimmy Graham, who is a famous football player for the Seattle Seahawks. He was eating lunch at the same place and then left in his private airplane. If I wasn't so starstruck, I would have thought to place the rock at the airport, but I forgot! It was the coolest day, ever and it all started with finding that awesome rock! :)

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