As this project began as the simple hobby of one and since has grown into a kindness movement of MANY, it is our responsibility to educate people about LNT (Leave No Trace) policies! Please take a moment to visit www.LNT.org and learn about their seven principles and guidelines. Their mission is to protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The Kindness Rocks Project™ promotes and adheres to their guidelines and wants to remind you to place rocks responsibly and seek permission for placement. Be MINDFUL be RESPECTFUL and be KIND to our environment. Dropping 1 rock with encouraging words on it in a public place can be inspirational, dropping hundreds could undo any good intentions you have created. Never leave Kindness Rocks in national parks, hiking trails, businesses or without prior permission from your town. Thank you for your continued kindness and for the beautiful work you are doing making this world a more compassionate place to live in.