Be Mindful and Considerate of others...agent for Peace

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding” Albert Einstein

Peace, love and understanding can only be achieved when we seek to create for the common good. We must be mindful to the needs and opinions of others to become an agent for peace. It is the mission of TKRP to bring light to that process. Our main purpose is to promote kindness, whether with Kindness rocks or other cool unexpected random ways. That is our main goal! If you do choose to participate in placing Kindness rocks, it is IMPORTANT to be mindful of that process. Please visit and ahere to their rules and regulations. Seek & receive permission from your local town to create inspirational rock garden installations. Dropping 1 rock with encouraging words on it in a public place can be inspirational, dropping hundreds could undo any good intentions you have created. This project has grown in great numbers from a simple hobby of one to a movement of many. BE MINDFUL and BE RESPECTFUL of others, as that is what true kindness and peace is all about.