Be Respectful and Kind to your environment

Although our goal is to simply promote random acts of kindness, through a smile, a kind gesture or an inspirational rock...We recently released a video that we created in appreciation for all of the amazing people who have joined our project by painting rocks...We wanted to share the emotions and energy behind this kindness movement, and how it began. This video was shot at a local dog park and beach on Cape Cod where we received permission to drop our inspirational rocks. We have received some emails and comments about the LNT (Leave No Trace) Principles and we would like to share them with you... as our goal is to be respectful of others, our environment and the global planet as a whole and assist in bringing awareness to it. Before planting an inspirational garden, please seek permission from the local park/beach or business. There are certain locations appropriate for our project, and others that are not.

Be sure to seal the painted rock with non-toxic top coat sealant spray to protect the environment. (Modge Podge makes a great one)

local home improvement stores sell bags of river rocks, that's a great place to start unless you have received permission to pick up a few from your local beach.

Respect Wildlife and their habitat

Be Considerate of other visitors (always)

Dispose of waste properly (never leave trash anywhere!)

Our goal is simple, to raise awareness around making the world a kinder place to live in while respecting the environment. For further information on LNT (Leave no trace) principles please visit sites that can educate you further.

In gratitude,

The Kindness Rocks Project