Chopra Center Rocks...Carlsbad, CA

From Cape Cod to Carlsbad CA...S. Sheeran spent the week in CA at the Chopra Center for a Meditation Certification Retreat.  She brought "#TheKindnessRocksProject" in her carry on (ok most likely not in her carry on, I'm sure it was in her checked luggage) But she's carry-ing on the project to inspire others to join. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  She commented, "What a gift to see people moved by the rocks!!! Now they'll go out and spread the love!" SPREAD THE LOVE....SHEILA, you are lovingly doing that! received_10209375815446213_resizedreceived_10209375810446088_resizedreceived_10209375814646193_resizedfb_img_1478433658140

Kindness RocksMegan Murphy