Skaket Beach

Where Did You Find a Rock?: Randomly PlacedWhere? (Location): Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans, MA on a picnic table How DId You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project?: We (my daughters, ages 7 and 10), myself, mother in law and aunt stumbled upon on first rock at Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans, MA. Intrigued by it, I searched out the Facebook and Instagram pages. We ventured to Rock Harbor where rocks had recently been dropped off to see if any were left. That is where our story began.... What inspired you to contact/join TKRP?: In a world where so much uncertainty is present, this is one thing that would consistently make people smile. I just love the idea behind this project. Thank you for the inspiration! What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock?: I thought it was an amazing project and was inspired to spread the kindness with my own kids while on vacation and when we returned home.