Tina from St. Mary's GA

Name: Tina McDaniel


How Did You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project? I heard about it through Facebook! I paint one large rock a month for people t find while dropping hints for them on there journey! Everyone is currently looking for The Jungle Book rock I painted for St. Mary's Rocks on Facebook!


Where? (Location): St. Mary's Ga

What inspired you to contact/join TKRP? I just realized how many communities were participating in this! It's exciting and I wanted to share my story!

What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock? Interest! I love painting!

What did the rock have written on it? (You can attach pictures below) The first one I found said love. But I usually don't hunt! I like to paint and hide!!!!

Any other thoughts, emotions comments, stories… I find it a blessing watching everyone bond over messages and pictures on rocks while hunting for them! Truly an inspiration that I look forward to reading about and experiencing everyday!

Share Your Story Yes, you can share