The Kindness Rocks Project Ambassador Code of Ethics Pledge


Core Principle

As a The Kindness Rocks Project Ambassador, I am responsible for adding value to the Project and contributing to the ethical success of this grass roots kindness movement. I accept personal responsibility for my individual decisions and actions. I am also an advocate for The Kindness Rocks Project by engaging in activities that enhance its mission of spreading kindness and compassion.


To build an awareness about the importance of Kindness within our communities. To assist TKRP in achieving its objectives and goals. To inform and educate current and future project members, the groups and organizations that have joined us, and the general public about principles and practices that help facilitate increased awareness surrounding the importance of Kindness and Compassion within our communities. To positively influence others to join us. To encourage social responsibility.


  1. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior when representing TKRP.

  2. Comply with rules and regulations

  3. Work consistent with the values of the project.

  4. Strive to achieve the highest levels of service, performance and social responsibility.