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Megan murphy

is the Founder of the Kindness Rocks Project™. She is a mother of three daughters, owner of two really big dogs, wife, sister, and friend. She is a Kindness Activist, Women's Empowerment Coach, Meditation Instructor and Creativity Enthusiast.  Megan resides on Cape Cod, where it all began.

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Here is an opportunity for you to teach, learn, and grow in Kindness. Inspire your students to think about what kindness means and learn how to cultivate kindness in your classroom.


We are writing a book

So many people have shared with us how The Kindness Rocks Project has touched their lives, whether it is finding a rock, receiving a rock from a loved one, or creating rocks themselves and the power of how a message at just the right time can change your outlook. Want to share your story? Here is your chance!