Northeast Ohio Rocks

How Did You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project? A friend sent me a link.


Where did you find a rock? (Location)

Northeast Ohio

What inspired you to contact/join TKRP?

I started Pittsburgh Rocks March 10,2017. After I had found a few rocks while visiting Ohio. I read what all the painted rocks were for. I had lost my 24 year old daughter and was lost for a year and a half. Once I can across that rock I thought perhaps thats what I should bring to our community. Finding none had started this was maybe what I need to do. Spread happiness and smiles that's what she was about. Always trying to make others smile, she was also so talented. So when I opened my site and started painting rock I found a reason to get out of bed. I enjoy each and every post and picture. I am completely overwhelmed from the response I had gotten. We just grow daily. Within a month we were over 2000 people. What a great thing to bring family's together outside. I have been thanked so many times children look forward to going out for walks now. Or family's getting together to paint their own to hide.

What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock?

I was just so excited and couldn't wait to find some more.

What did the rock have written on it? (You can attach pictures below)

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