Be The Change

How Dd You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project?

On the back of the rock I found

Where Did You Find a Rock?


Where? (Location)

In the sea on Tortola British Virgin Island

What inspired you to contact/join TKRP?

Loved loved loved the concept

What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock?

I was on route to Necker Island and had asked for some inspiration about the theme for the week. Be The Change was such a spot on message and I felt huge gratefulness for the rock.

What did the rock have written on it? (You can attach pictures below)

Be The Change

Any other thoughts, emotions comments, stories…

The rock inspired me personally and then inspired me to share the random acts of kindness with my group light workers in business. We had some lovely stories already happening that have made a lot of people smile and feel good.

Share Your Story

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